As much as I (Tanja) love writing, I’ll never get over my love of audio storytelling. And that’s why in addition to blogging here at Our Next Life, I also devote time in early retirement to podcasting. The two projects — one current and one future — are suuuuuuuper different, so dig into whichever suits your fancy (or both!).


The Fairer Cents

Women, money and equality — that’s what The Fairer Cents is all about. My cohost Kara Perez and I go deep into those money topics impacting women that we don’t hear discussed widely (yet) — how to navigate wage inequality in your relationship, the baggage ambitious women have to carry, emotional labor, and so much more. Think of it as feminism through a money lens.

You can hear The Fairer Cents on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast and all the podcast places, visit the site to see show notes, or follow us on Twitter and on Instagram.



Adventures in Early Retirement

Coming soon, a podcast by me and Mark on the adventures we find ourselves on in early retirement. It’s less the financial side of retiring early, and more the madcap capers we go on, the situations we get ourselves into, and all the other ways early retirement lets us devolve back into the kids we really are.

Stay tuned here for updates on Adventures in Early Retirement! And you can follow the show on Twitter to get all the news in real time.


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  1. So sorry I missed the NYC meet up! I would love to connect with like minded people in the area since this lifestyle can be a bit isolating. Do you have plans for another one? Is there another way to connect with ONL NYC readers?

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