Month: July 2016

Planning for Social Interaction in Early Retirement // You Need New Friends! // Early Retirement Blog, Financial Independence Blog, Documenting Our Journey to FIRE in a Mountain Town

Something we need to plan for better is how we’ll get social interaction after we leave the workforce. In other words: We need more friends! Soon, we’ll have our best free time when our current friends are at work, so need friends whose time aligns with ours. Plus, having good friends does wonders for mental and physical health, especially as we age.

Rethinking Work in Early Retirement // Contingencies, Sequence Risk and Fail Safes // Early Retirement and Financial Independence Blog | Working in Early Retirement | Portfolio Preservation | Increasing the Odds of Early Retirement Success

We have said from our second post ever that our vision for early retirement has never included mandatory work. And we’ve been more vigilant about this fact than probably any other in our early retirement plan. We’ve shifted our investments, we’ve changed our timelines, we’ve debated when to give notice, but we’ve never wavered on the no mandatory work idea. But… that might be changing.

The Retirement Lie Part 1 // Media, Social Norms and the Problem with “Average” // Early Retirement and Financial Independence Blog // Adventure, Happiness, Mountain Living

Today we’re kicking off a new periodic series called The Retirement Lie. We recognize every day how lucky/fortunate/privileged/rare we are for being able to pursue early retirement, primarily because we also recognize that just being able to retire at all is becoming increasingly unlikely for a large majority of people. In this series, we’re delving into the forces that are keeping people from retiring confidently and securely, beginning with the way media talk about retirement savings.