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Note: I love hearing from everyone, but Our Next Life doesn’t accept unsolicited guest posts or sponsored posts, ever. Like ever ever. No exceptions. Thanks for understanding. (And because I still receive a large number of notes about this despite being clear about the policy here, thanks for understanding that these notes will not get a response.)

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Email: MsONL [at] ournextlife dot com (Due to large email volume, and despite how much I wish I could be more responsive, I’m unable to reply to every note. But I read and appreciate them all! Turns out that even in early retirement, inbox zero is an elusive dream.)

Media requests: Email anna [dot] hall [at] hbgusa dot com // media [at] tanjahester dot com

Reporters on deadline: Send a text/SMS message to (+1) 530.563.6863 (does not ring any phones, nor accept voicemail)

Publishing-related queries and speaking requests: info [at] lucindaliterary dot com // 917.722.6323

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