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We’re stoked to host a community of planners and dreamers, cheering each other on as we forge our own paths to lives we affirmatively opt in to, instead of lives we fall into by default.

You can learn tons more about about the couple behind Our Next Life on our About Us page, you can check out our Early Retirement Plan, or you can dive right in to some of our favorite posts below.

Ms ONL (that's me!) coming at ya with a big hug from the deep powder!We’re all about sparking discussion, and that often means delving deep into the aspects of early retirement that aren’t strictly financial — what we dream about in retirement, how we’ll define ourselves post-career, how we’ll be healthier after ditching the job stress, what we might actually miss about work… the stickier issues that sometimes get overlooked while plotting out retirement income or savings rates.

Here are some of our favorite posts and discussions:

Financial goals

We’re committed to quitting at the end of 2017, whether or not we’ve reached the magic number we have in mind. We’re both allergic to budgets, but have had great success with a pay-yourself-first strategy that we’ve elevated to an art form — that is, we’re super good at hiding money from ourselves before we can think to spend it. And we’ve done a lot of thinking about how we can be flexible once we do retire, fitting our lifestyle to whatever funds we’ll have available to us.

Transitioning to retirement

We think a lot about what it will mean day-to-day, and for our sense of self, when we no longer have careers that define us. We definitely have careers that you could call “high powered” — consulting for powerful people, fancy titles, lots of travel, more pay than we require. While that comes with a lot of stress that we’re eager to leave behind, we also wonder if we’ll feel an unanticipated void when we quit.

What we dream about for our retirement

Like most aspiring retirees, we spend a lot of time reflecting on what we want our lives to be like after we ditch the careers, what we think of as “our next life.” We imagine a lot of time to travel, get outdoors in our mountain town, and discover what our true life’s purpose is.

The touchy-feely topics

We love thinking not just about retirement and what our retirement will look like, but social norms in general. Obviously retiring early is a big diversion from “normal,” so for those of us who are already accustomed to thinking differently, why stop there?


And sometimes we just like to tell a good story about things that have shaped our lives, or experiences that are too powerful not to share.

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15 thoughts on “start here

  1. Hi, i love the transparency. Great job! I’m very excited to see you progress in your journey and your insight. I wanted to let you know that I shared you blog post about minimizing home expenses to reach FI sooner on my facebook page:)


  2. Hello ONL, I can’t quickly find a place to email you or message you privately or on a general page, so I thought I’d post here. If there is a place to message you/your blog site privately and you’d prefer that, please let me know.

    I have 2 main questions I wanted to share. First, I am curious about whether the two of you rely on a “higher power” to help you make decisions. I know your decisions about retiring early (and really your life plans overall) are well thought out and “felt” out–meaning that I think they have an emotional basis as well, and it seems a sort of “secular” definition of spirit or inner guide, well, guides you. I’m curious about how you define your spirituality and whether there is an entity outside of yourselves that you rely on for support.

    You know what, I think I’m going to just go with that question for now . . . I’d hate to overshadow something I see as so important with something else. I may share the other question in the future. Thank you!


  3. Found your other site about Sedona and then was referred to this site. What made you change your mind from Jan 2015 to move to Sedona to Nov 2015 to not?


    1. Hi Brenda. We’re thrilled to have you reading here, but I think the site you want is Think Save Retire. Steve and Courtney who write that blog had originally planned to move to Sedona, and are now doing the full-time airstream RV travel gig. ;-)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, I am new to your page (love it, and am finding so many similarities between you guys and my husband and I – he actually flagged this site for me because we sound pretty similar!) … question, and maybe you do have it somewhere… but what is your financial goal for retirement? Is it the 4%/25 times your yearly expenses number? That is about what we’re aiming for but it’s always interesting to hear if other folks place a lot of stock in that. We’re aiming for a specific number and hope to retire in mid 2018, when I’ll be 38 and my husband will be 40. Thank you for any and all advice you can share!


    1. Hi Jessica! It’s a more complicated answer than just 4%/25x, unfortunately. This post gives a general breakdown on our plan, but sadly I’ve never seen anyone come up with a magical early retirement formula that assumes you might need different amounts in your taxable vs. tax-deferred funds. Take a read and let me know if you have questions!


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