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It’s Not Always About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the ideas that’s having a major moment these days is the notion that we should all be pushing outside of our comfort zones. We all hear proclamations like, "Quit your job and travel the world!" Or "Stop wasting time in that boring job and do what you love!" Today we're talking comfort zones and whether we always need to get out of them.

Dreaming in Maximum Bigness

Early retirement will give us the incredible privilege of getting to dream big -- and actually bring some of those dreams into the realm of the possible, the doable, the done. It’s not just about not working, although that’s a lovely thought all on its own – it’s about getting to do the things that most people only dream of, that can’t be done with three weeks of vacation a year, that can’t be done as just a side hustle. Let's dream in maximum bigness!

Mapping Out Our First Year of Early Retirement

we've had that mythical first year of freedom on our minds in a big way lately. like any aspiring early retirees worth our salt, we spend lots of time thinking about everything we want to do when we have more time on our hands, but we've been getting more specific, and thinking about the things we'll do as we adjust to our post-work era, and some of the big life goals that we want to tackle right away.