The Three-Part Formula for Success That Works for All Major Life Goals Including Early Retirement or Financial Independence!

The Three-Part Formula to Achieve Any Huge Goal, Even When Advice Doesn’t Fit

There is plenty of financial advice out there, including some very prescriptive advice about how to achieve financial independence or virtually any big goal you can think of. The only problem is: that advice, while great for some, is guaranteed to be bad advice for others. Rather than trying to follow advice to the letter -- or give it out in a prescriptive way -- let's focus on the formula instead, a formula with three key ingredients that can get anyone in nearly any life circumstances to achieve big goals.

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When Friends or Family Don’t Support Your Early Retirement Dreams

We've been lucky in many ways, but one of those ways is that we've been almost completely supported in our early retirement plans by our friends and family (at least the ones who know!). But we know that many aspiring early retirees aren't so lucky, and today we hear from lots of them about how they handle that lack of support!

2017: The Year of “No”

Happy new year! The last year of work was super stressful for us, and we've been mulling the question of whether we should or even can care less at work -- and whether that would solve the problem. But, we've come to a different conclusion about the root of the problem, and it's giving us a new directive for this year. Welcome to our 2017, the Year of No, preamble to our retired Life of Yes.