Dreaming in Maximum Bigness

Early retirement will give us the incredible privilege of getting to dream big -- and actually bring some of those dreams into the realm of the possible, the doable, the done. It’s not just about not working, although that’s a lovely thought all on its own – it’s about getting to do the things that most people only dream of, that can’t be done with three weeks of vacation a year, that can’t be done as just a side hustle. Let's dream in maximum bigness!

The “Our Next Life” Series // Time to Join In!

our bloggy buddy steve, who writes think save retire, started the about series a few weeks back that all bloggers are invited to continue, and more recently wrote a series on his own blog that he dubbed the "our next life" series. we love the name, obviously, and thought -- why not also make it a series that we all contribute to? so this is our take. and we'd love for you to write your own and link back! who's in?

Thinking About Frugality More Broadly // A Call to Action

if you're reading this blog, it's pretty likely that the word "frugality" is a part of your vocabulary. maybe you don't use it much in real life (like us), but it's probably something you think about and read about at least a little bit. none of us can make these drastic life changes, like early…