Our Triple Bottom Line // Balancing Frugality With Our Values

one of the misconceptions we used to have about frugality was that frugal people were cheap at all costs. it's easy to view frugality as all or nothing, or to see frugality as trumping other values. but it doesn't have to. a breakthrough idea for us was reframing how we see frugality in terms of the business term triple bottom line.

Consider Your Anchors // How We’ve Dodged the Lifestyle Inflation Bullet

we are as guilty as anyone of upsizing our spending at various times, mainly on restaurants and travel, but are thankful that several key factors have kept us from permanently inflating our lifestyle, namely our anchors, named for the anchoring effect or anchoring bias in psychology.

Thinking About Frugality More Broadly // A Call to Action

if you're reading this blog, it's pretty likely that the word "frugality" is a part of your vocabulary. maybe you don't use it much in real life (like us), but it's probably something you think about and read about at least a little bit. none of us can make these drastic life changes, like early…

Justifying Our Biggest Splurge // Why We Spend So Much on Groceries

we frequently read blog posts outlining people's grocery spending and practically have to pick our jaws up off the floor afterward. you're spending only $30 a week for groceries?!?! you're feeding a family of four for $70 a week?!?! we even read one post talking about how the snap (food stamps) challenge of $28 per…