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When Friends or Family Don’t Support Your Early Retirement Dreams

We've been lucky in many ways, but one of those ways is that we've been almost completely supported in our early retirement plans by our friends and family (at least the ones who know!). But we know that many aspiring early retirees aren't so lucky, and today we hear from lots of them about how they handle that lack of support!

“Won’t You Be Bored?” and Other Questions You Hear on the Road to Early Retirement

One of the funny things that happens when you’re open about FIRE plans is you get some questions that might seem ridiculous on their face, especially from people who haven’t yet had their minds blown by how achievable some form of early retirement is for plenty of folks, or who have never allowed themselves to dream about a life without the necessity of work. Rather than dismiss those questions out of hand, let's actually dig into them.

Why We Ignored The Experts and Loaned Money to Family

we're here today with a post we've been hinting at for a while: the full rundown on why we decided to go against conventional wisdom (and the well-grounded advice of many of you!) to make a personal loan to a family member. we wanted to make sure we had everything squared away before sharing the details, but now that time has come.