Our last 100 days of work, and the unexpected feelings that have come along with processing the reality that our careers are almost over.

The Last 100 Days // On Finally Processing Reality, and the Unexpected Feelings

Today is officially day 100 in our countdown of workdays left before we pull the ripcord and end our careers. Which is exciting! But excitement isn't our overwhelming emotion right now -- what we're feeling instead is a pretty big surprise. How things finally got real, and the unexpected feelings that came with that.

The Paradox of Growing Up So We Can Avoid Growing Up // For those of us pursuing early retirement so we can be kids forever, there's an interesting paradox: we have to grow up to avoid growing up and early retire.

The Paradox of Growing Up So We Can Avoid Growing Up

I spend a lot of time talking about the nobler aspects of early retirement like how it will give us time to do more volunteering. But can we all be honest? We can do noble things in retirement, but the reason doesn't have to be noble at all. For us, it's all about what is most fun, and the answer is: not working. We want to retire early so that we can go back to being kids, but the paradox is that we've had to grow up big time to avoid growing up.

What If Work Wants to Keep Us? // Anticipating the Hard Sell

Though we've been thinking about all the questions that go with the end of work for months now, we're late in realizing that we need to be ready to respond if our companies lay on the hard sell to try to get us to stay. We've given it some thought, and here's what it would take for us. What would it take for you?

It’s Okay to Be A Brat When Planning for (Early) Retirement

For a community that's so into freedom, the financial independence blogosphere can be an awfully strict place with tons of rules. It can be hard to believe that we have the right to do some things just because we feel like it. Today, we give you permission to do exactly that, and share some of our most bratty financial decisions.

There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Save Your Money

Living in the mountains has taught us that catastrophe comes quickly -- wildfires can wipe out whole communities in the blink of an eye. While the world is still the safest it's been since the dawn of civilization, there are many good reasons right now to up your savings game, both for your own safety, and for that of others.