When the Crash Comes // Recession-Proofing Our Retirement Plans

We're generally optimists about things and -- though it seems like a paradox -- we become most optimistic when we've delved into all the bad stuff that could possibly befall us. That's the only way we can really know that we're well prepared -- and it's easy to be optimistic when you're prepared. And it only makes sense to prepare for market crashes, because they're inevitable and inescapable. Here's our game plan for dealing with them.

Financial Independence Is a Good Goal, But a Bad Goalpost

Almost a year ago, we realized that we'd reached financial independence. And reaching it hasn't been anything like what we might have expected. Our FI life is still life, with all the usual ups and downs. Some things are better, but most things are the same. This year has taught us: Financial independence is a good goal, but a bad goalpost.