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When Friends or Family Don’t Support Your Early Retirement Dreams

We've been lucky in many ways, but one of those ways is that we've been almost completely supported in our early retirement plans by our friends and family (at least the ones who know!). But we know that many aspiring early retirees aren't so lucky, and today we hear from lots of them about how they handle that lack of support!

How Blogging Has Sped Our Progress to Financial Independence

Blogging is a hugely time-consuming endeavor, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. But we wouldn't trade this blog or the time it takes to write it because of how much it has done for us. Today, a closer look at how blogging has sped our progress to financial independence and early retirement.

Resist the Pull of the Echo Chamber in Retirement

This is a non-political post at a politically charged time. When the news conflicts with our world view, it's all too easy to avoid clicking on those stories, or to unfollow or ignore the people sharing their perspective. And while that may seem harmless, it's a slippery slope from "unfollow" to unknowingly creating our own echo chambers. Here's why that's so consequential in retirement. // Creating Your Community // #FinCon16 Recap -- blogger community, personal finance bloggers, women bloggers, women who write

Creating Your Community // #FinCon16 Recap

I've just returned from FinCon16, my first time at the financial bloggers conference, and I'm completely brimming with excitement about it all. My vision for this blog is a lot more clear, but most of all, I was continually floored by the warmth, openness and generosity of the entire community there. It all got me thinking about communities we create, and how we can all connect -- and I don't just mean bloggers! // Early Retirement Blog, Financial Independence Blog, Documenting Our Journey to FIRE in a Mountain Town

Planning for Social Interaction in Early Retirement // You Need New Friends!

Something we need to plan for better is how we'll get social interaction after we leave the workforce. In other words: We need more friends! Soon, we'll have our best free time when our current friends are at work, so need friends whose time aligns with ours. Plus, having good friends does wonders for mental and physical health, especially as we age.