Choosing to See the Best // Our Non-Resolutions for an Inspiring New Year

we're not really new year's resolution people, but we have definitely been on a journey to see the best in situations -- from appreciating beauty more of the time, to looking on the bright side at work, to enjoying the journey of early retirement instead of always focusing on the end goal. so we're determined to ride that wave into 2016.

It’s Never Too Late to Define Yourself // Inspiration from Julia Child

we talk a lot here about redefining ourselves in early retirement, especially making sure that we consider before we actually leave our jobs how we'll obtain self worth and fulfillment post-career. but we recently realized that redefining isn't really the right word to use at all. in thinking about the life that we truly want to live, and how we will thrive within that, there's truly no re. the right word is simply "define."

When Did We Become Grown-Ups? // Embracing Our Adultness

do you feel like a grown-up? if you’d asked us that question a year ago, we would have said no. in fact, it was a guiding a principle of our lives that most people never grow up, they just learn to fake it. but recently, we realized that something has changed. we can’t put our fingers on exactly when it happened, but somehow, we started to feel like grown-ups.

Progress and Uncertainty on the Road to Early Retirement // Mid-Year Check-In

looking at things big picture, we're astonished at how far we've come in a short time, aided in large part by jobs that overpay us. since we bought the house four years ago, our net worth has tripled, and the year-over-year gains are pretty big, owing to us getting serious about saving and about paying off the house quickly, as well as growth in the markets since 2009.