Countering magical thinking about early retirement and financial independence, expectations and happiness, not setting yourself up for disappointment in retirement

Countering Magical Thinking About Early Retirement and Financial Independence

Early retirement and financial independence are such huge goals that most of us can't help but build them up in our minds, and that often leads to the totally normal tendency to get into magical thinking: believing early retirement will make us happier, or better people, or cure whatever else ails us. Today we get into why it's worth countering that magical thinking, and how to do it.

Financial Independence Is a Good Goal, But a Bad Goalpost

Almost a year ago, we realized that we'd reached financial independence. And reaching it hasn't been anything like what we might have expected. Our FI life is still life, with all the usual ups and downs. Some things are better, but most things are the same. This year has taught us: Financial independence is a good goal, but a bad goalpost.