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What We’ve Learned From Living Where Everyone Else Is On Vacation

We're coming up on six years of living in our soon-to-be-divulged mountain town, and we feel lucky every day that we get to call this place home. But it's not perfect, of course. The place we call home is a place lots of other people call their vacation destination, and that makes for some interesting dynamics. We'd tried to look at it in terms of what lessons we can learn from those visitors that we can apply to our own life and early retirement, and it turns out there's plenty to take away from it all.

Size Matters // Should We Downsize Our Home When We Retire?

today's post continues the conversation about whether you should move to retire, and asks: should you downsize your home when you retire? we bought our house thinking it was our forever home, but now realize it's more house than we need, and are pondering one last move when we quit our jobs in a few years.