Bringing back the allowance in early retirement // Systems for financial success and peace of mind // using a personal allowance to take the pressure off our nest egg savings as well as our marriage and relationship!

Allowance 2.0 in Early Retirement // Systems for Financial Success and Peace of Mind

We're about to go through a life and financial transition as big as graduating from college or getting married -- and that's switching from earning plenty while working to earning very little in early retirement. Which means that we need a new set of systems to ensure our financial success, especially given our status as anti-budgeters. But it also means that we're bringing back a tool we gave up years ago: the personal allowance.

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When Friends or Family Don’t Support Your Early Retirement Dreams

We've been lucky in many ways, but one of those ways is that we've been almost completely supported in our early retirement plans by our friends and family (at least the ones who know!). But we know that many aspiring early retirees aren't so lucky, and today we hear from lots of them about how they handle that lack of support!