The Great Flip-Flop // How We’ve Reversed Roles on Our Retirement Timing

Lately I've been making it sound like we both want to retire as soon as humanly possible, but that's not true. I'm the one who wants out ASAP, while Mr. ONL is playing the role of the financially prudent one and trying to keep us working for one more year, as we'd always planned. But that's not where we started -- he used to be the one who wanted to quit ASAP, while I wanted to be sure we were prepared times ten. Today: the story of our retirement timing role reversal.

in early retirement, what’s to stop us from getting old too fast?

bloggers working toward early retirement love to ponder the big questions: how will we spend our time once we're no longer shackled to jobs we don't love? what else will we do for fulfillment? where all will we travel? how long do we need our money to last? but we wonder: do others ever ponder…