How We’ll Live Beyond Our Budget in Early Retirement

In just two short months, we'll be retired and living on a constrained income for the first time in ages. But we're not worried, because we have a whole bunch of ways to live beyond that budget, especially once we have time to invest in research and deal-finding. (Plus, we can live a pretty sweet life for not a lot of money, so it doesn't take much budget stretching to feel like we're living a life of luxury.) Check out our plan for living beyond our budget -- and then let us know what we missed! // What we've learned from living in a vacation destination // Living in a mountain town, retiring to the mountains, living where other people go on vacation

What We’ve Learned From Living Where Everyone Else Is On Vacation

We're coming up on six years of living in our soon-to-be-divulged mountain town, and we feel lucky every day that we get to call this place home. But it's not perfect, of course. The place we call home is a place lots of other people call their vacation destination, and that makes for some interesting dynamics. We'd tried to look at it in terms of what lessons we can learn from those visitors that we can apply to our own life and early retirement, and it turns out there's plenty to take away from it all.

To Travel Long or Travel Short? // The Start of Real Retirement Planning

Something we're starting to realize is: What we all call retirement planning isn't really true retirement planning. Money is only a tiny piece of this, and not what most of us will be thinking about daily once we stop working. Real retirement planning is planning for all the rest of life that comes post-career, and for us, a big part of that is travel. So we're shifting now into *real* retirement planning, and thinking through those big travel questions like how long to stay out, and where to go first.

The End of the Perks // Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Upside of Work

Something that's on our minds lately -- especially when I'm traveling for work -- is all of the perks that we're going to lose when we quit our jobs in 2017. For us, an upgraded level of travel is chief among those, but the perks we enjoy from work are different for each of us. What perks do you get now that you'll miss when you retire? // It's Not Always About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone / When comfort zones are good, when staying in our comfort zones makes sense

It’s Not Always About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the ideas that’s having a major moment these days is the notion that we should all be pushing outside of our comfort zones. We all hear proclamations like, "Quit your job and travel the world!" Or "Stop wasting time in that boring job and do what you love!" Today we're talking comfort zones and whether we always need to get out of them.