How to Use Your FI Freedom to Agitate for Others at Work | financial independence, early retirement

How to Use Your FI Freedom to Agitate for Others at Work

Those of us on the FI path who are still working have an incredible freedom that most of the working world doesn't enjoy: the freedom to push for the change in our companies or industries that others might get penalized for pushing for. Better pay, more empowering conditions, parity, diversity, you name it. If we get labeled difficult or squeaky wheels, it doesn't matter, because we're on our way out. Here's how -- and why! -- to use that power, both for the greater good and for your own legacy.

Asking for More and Getting It // 2016 Goals Review + 2017 Goal Setting

We're thinking a lot lately about asking for more -- asking for the compensation we deserve at work, and asking more of ourselves. And now, it's official: in 2016, we successfully did both. Today, the story of how I negotiated for more money at work, and how we rose to the higher challenges we'd set for ourselves this year. Do we consider 2016 an unqualified success? Read on!

The End of the Perks // Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Upside of Work

Something that's on our minds lately -- especially when I'm traveling for work -- is all of the perks that we're going to lose when we quit our jobs in 2017. For us, an upgraded level of travel is chief among those, but the perks we enjoy from work are different for each of us. What perks do you get now that you'll miss when you retire?