hiya, internet.

we’re here to document our journey from our current life to our next life. not next life in a metaphysical sense (though we’d be pretty stoked if that’s actually a thing). our next life is when we can decide how we want to spend our days, our weeks, our life energy. when we decide where we want to sleep each night. when we decide to get outdoors, away from screen after screen after screen. when we can stop playing the career game and slow down.

our next life means early retirement, and it’s not just a dream. as of right now, january 2015, we’re about halfway to our financial goals. our target date is december 2017, when we’ll be 41 and 38. saving enough and paying off the mortgage to bring our vision to life has become a near singular focus for us, and we don’t want to forget about this life chapter once we’ve moved onto the new one. hence the blog.

for now we can’t say much about who we are, because if our employers or clients found out, that could jeopardize our plan. but once we’ve made our intentions known, then we’ll stop this whole anonymous charade. in the meantime, we’ll share our vision for our next life, our financial progress, and our adventures along the way.

thanks for reading.


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