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Feature on Canadian Budget Binder

happy weekend, friends. just a quick post today to share that we’ve got a feature this weekend on canadian budget binder. cbb features bloggers every weekend in the “making a difference series,” and this weekend it’s our turn. thanks, cbb!

hop on over to canadian budget binder to check it out. and then get back out there to enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. It was a great feature! I love the focus of your blog and how you are documenting your journey towards early retirement! As someone who has only started to discuss the idea of FI with my wife, I look forward to continuing on our journey and using and tips and ideas that we can from your journey.

    • Thanks for commenting, and for the nice note! That is one of the very best things about FI blogland — there are so many people sharing great tips, and it’s such a supportive community. We can all learn a ton from each other!

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