The Final Early Retirement To Do List // What Are We Forgetting?

We're getting into the home stretch! With only about three months left to work -- forever! -- we're feeling good about all that we've checked off our to do list. But we also wonder, what are we forgetting? And that's where you come in. We'd love your help to tell us what else belongs on our final pre-retirement to do list. Come chime in!

What We Know and Still Don't Know About Early Retirement Health Care // Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Health Insurance, Health Care Coverage, Early Retirement, Financial Independence, Senate Health Care Bill, AHCA, Early Retirees

What We Know — and Still Don’t Know — About Early Retirement Health Care

Things have been moving quickly in the health care debate, which many of us on the verge of early retirement have been eyeing closely. Just this week, the latest Senate proposals to reform the Affordable Care Act and the later proposal to repeal it altogether were withdrawn. So where does that leave us all? What do we know? And more importantly, what do we still not know about health care and costs for early retirement? Let's take a close look.

Staring Into the Early Retirement Health Care Abyss

The best thing the Affordable Care Act did for early retirees was introduce some level of predictability about health care costs, and all indications are that that predictability is about to go away, no matter where things land with a new health care law. And that's a big deal for early retirees. Here are some things you should be thinking about, especially if you're planning to retire soon.

Making Peace with Working the Full Year // Health Care, Philanthropy and Saying No

The question of when to retire this year -- Work the full year? Retire sooner if we hit our numbers? -- has been on our minds big time for many months, ever since we realized how ahead of schedule we are on our savings plan. But we've made peace with working the full year, and here's why. // The Power of a Low Income in Early Retirement // Keeping Your Income Low to Maximize Health Insurance, Affordable Care Act and Income, Obamacare for Early Retirees

The Power of a Low Income in Early Retirement

Today, a post about the under-recognized benefits of spending less in early retirement, because spending less means earning less, and earning less means a whole bunch of benefits. (Psst: the biggest one is insulation from Obamacare price hikes.) Let's take a deep dive into the many benefits that come with earning a low income in your early retirement years.