Set Yourself Up to Float, Not Sink // Deliberately Seeking Positive Buoyancy

this weekend we visited mono lake, an ancient and super salty lake. all that salt means that swimmers in the lake float easily. which got us thinking: it's easy to think that swimming is swimming, but it's not. we can make swimming hard for ourselves or easy for ourselves, and the same goes for our finances.

The “Our Next Life” Series // Time to Join In!

our bloggy buddy steve, who writes think save retire, started the about series a few weeks back that all bloggers are invited to continue, and more recently wrote a series on his own blog that he dubbed the "our next life" series. we love the name, obviously, and thought -- why not also make it a series that we all contribute to? so this is our take. and we'd love for you to write your own and link back! who's in?