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hello friends. a few months back, we stumbled across a blog called eat the financial elephant. we were quickly struck by how similar they are to us: they are super into outdoorsy things of the self-powered variety (think climbing mountains, skiing, etc.), they aspire to live a “dirtbag” life after they retire early like we do, and they’re in a similar age range. they coined the term “dirtbag millionaires,” which we love. for those not familiar, the term “dirtbag” refers to people who piece together their finances or work odd jobs in order to pursue loves like skiing, climbing, surfing or any number of other outdoor pursuits mostly full-time. what the elephant eaters and we both hope to do is live a dirtbag existence after we retire in a few years — spending a lot of time on our outdoor pursuits — but without the constant financial uncertainty.

today we’re guest posting over on their blog about our dirtbag dreams, and how reaching the summit of a mountain is a lot like reaching financial independence. go check it out! and while you’re there, add eat the financial elephant to your blog list, and follow them on twitter. they have a ton of great posts, including this recent favorite.

click to hop on over to our guest post.

next week, the elephant eaters will be guest posting here. mark your calendar!

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